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Software quality assurance can be a risky undertaking for many businesses, especially with the constant efforts required to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. The expectations of end users are also changing every day and can be difficult to satisfy. In spite of charging exorbitant rates, mediocre consultants are unable to provide effective solutions to address current quality assurance concerns.

At Fofx Solutions, our primary goal is to understand the real needs of our clients. We learn about their products, the needs of their target market and the dynamics of their development team so that we can deliver a quality solution that is guaranteed to yield results for them.

We are always keeping up with the latest technologies, and we delight in introducing new concepts to our clients and expanding the boundaries of software quality assurance.


Test Advisory

Expert Advice on Automation Testing and What it Means to Your Project

Functional Testing

Testing of New Applications to Guarantee 100% Functionality in all User Scenarios

Test Automation

Development of Customized Scripts to Augment the Testing Process

Performance Testing

Analysis and Benchmarking of Software Performance characteristics

QA Staffing

Providing Expert Contractors for Your Projects

Mobile Testing

iOS 9, Windows Mobile and Android Compatible Test Automation

Test Tool Management

Installation, Maintenance, Upgrade and Custom Integration of Enterprise Testing Suites

Training and Workshops

Free Software Quality Engineering Training Available

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QA Staffing
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