Advantages of Test Automation

Test automation has many advantages for an organization. A company could save over 100% on the cost of testing if automation is implemented properly. Some industries are so competitive that test automation is a necessity. However, I would like to emphasize that test automation must be implemented properly in order to reap these benefits. These are some potential advantages of test automation:

Save Time

Test automation can save the time needed to perform a test manually by over 100%.  There have been instances where a manual test that takes a week or longer takes only a few minutes with automation.

Save Cost

Test automation saves a lot of cost related to testing applications. In addition to saving cost by reducing the time it takes to run test manually, test teams can now scale to handle more projects. In order words, with test automation, you don’t have to increase the size of your team to handle additional work.

Increase Test Coverage

Test automation can enable you to achieve more test coverage. You will now be able to test more scenarios. Also, you will have the chance to incorporate other types of testing such as robust testing and end-to-end testing.

Increase Software Quality

The ability to create more tests and to create them quickly comes with an increased confidence of software quality. When you can test more scenarios and run your tests more often, you increase the quality of your software tremendously.

Increase Speed to Market

In a highly competitive industry, test automation can enable you release quality product to market faster than your competitors. Test automation can be used to create a competitive advantage that will enable your company to succeed.

Free Human Resources

With test automation, your human resources are freed from the burdensome task of testing and the intelligent task of analyzing and designing effective tests.  Your human resources can now focus on understanding the product of your company and improving software quality.