Test Automation Training and Workshops

Some companies have all the right tools and intentions. But sometimes what they lack is the knowledge to use the tools and establish a quality assurance process that is effective. The Training and Workshop Service is customized training designed to equip teams with the knowledge needed to start software quality assurance. The […]

Prerequisites for Test Automation

Before you decide to spend a large amount of money on test automation, a few things must be in place. In the absence of these things, your test automation efforts will most likely fail. Stable Test Environments If your test environment is unstable, forget it! Your test automation scripts are most likely […]

Advantages of Test Automation

Test automation has many advantages for an organization. A company could save over 100% on the cost of testing if automation is implemented properly. Some industries are so competitive that test automation is a necessity. However, I would like to emphasize that test automation must be implemented properly in order to […]

Challenges of Test Automation

Even though test automation has many advantages, it also has its share of challenges. Before you embark on test automation, you must do your homework and think about how you will overcome or manage some of these hurdles. Unrealistic Expectations Some companies have unrealistic expectations for test automation. They think […]

Test Automation 101

What is test automation? I would like to avoid the temptation of coming up with a lengthy definition of test automation. Instead, please allow me to paint a picture by using a number of bullet points. Before I continue, I must state that test automation is not “record and play […]