Test Automation Services FAQs

What are the Test Automation Services?

The Test Automation Services are a collection of tools and services to satisfy your test automation needs. These services include:

  • Test Automation Training
  • RobotEngine
  • Automation Specialist Service

What is the Test Automation Training?

This is a hands-on training session for companies who are new to test automation or are struggling with test automation. The training will equip you with the knowledge you need to get the best value out of your automation initiatives.

What is the Automation Specialist Service?                                                       

The Automation Specialist Service provides an Automation Specialist as a contractor to work in your company for a short period of time. This service’s timeframe and goals will be need-specific.                              

Why Use the Automation Specialist Services?   

The specialist service is best suited for your company if you :

  • Are new to Test Automation
  • Take too much time to convert manual test scripts
  • Spend too much time to build an automation framework
  • Have a framework that is difficult to maintain
  • Have a framework that is not effective at finding bugs
  • Have a small QA budget
  • Want to try something powerful and efficient

What is RobotEngine ?

RobotEngine is our Test Engine integration with RobotFramework. The fusion with RobotFramework has resulted in a robust and powerful tool that makes automation simple. The main goal of RobotEngine is to reduce the amount of time required to start, create, and maintain test automation scripts. This tool is FREE.

What is RobotFramework?

RobotFramework is a test automation framework for functional testing. Visit here for more information on RobotFramework.

Why did we choose to use RobotFramework?

We chose to integrate our Test Engine with RobotFramework because we believe it is one of the best tools for Functional/Acceptance testing. The Test Engine, together with RobotFramework, significantly augments the potential of test automation.

What can I do with the RobotEngine?      

RobotEngine allows you to do the following:

  • Test web applications
  • Test web services
  • Test databases
  • Test file contents
  • Check system status
  • Move files using FTP
  • Run shell commands